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The history of bifrangi dates back to the beginning of the 19th century in Mussolente, a town in the Venice area, which is one of the most productive in North Italy. The tradition of working steel using the classical blacksmith's methods started here for the Biasion family who are stillthe owners of the company. The anvil, hammer and grindstone were the only tools used almost until half way through the 20th century to produce agricultural equipment and tools for masons, metal workers and carpenters on an artisan level. Following the Second World War, with the arrival of the first presses, the industrial transformation for Bifrangi began, which in the following 50 years was to develop constantly and led it to become a world leader in the production of flanges, gears, hubs and other items for the automobile, tractor etc. industries. An important step for the present development phase for Bifrangi began in the 60s. It was in that period in fact that the change over from forging gears, engine parts for motorbikes and parts for agricultural equipment to the production of the first flanges took place. From then up until 1980 steel flanges and fittings became the main items produced by Bifrangi. Since 1980, with the moving to the present site and thanks to the introduction, in 1985, into the production process of automatic machines for large quantities, wheel hubs, gears and special parts have become a great part of the production. At present Bifrangi has reached a high level of automation and a continuity in the cycle of production, i.e. because of the attention given to the problems of energy saving and ecology and above all because of their very high production standards, are esteemed and appreciated by numerous industries of international standing. Bifrangi have about 250 employees, the majority of whom are specialised technicians. The main effort of company managment over the years has been to rationalise the work process and to instil professionalism and specialisation among the staff as much as possible. This has given rise to a natural flow oh the work cycle and the creation of several self sufficient members capable of providing the customer with the same complete technical, production and commercial solution. This competence and sense of responsability has resulted in increased attention towards quality and enterprice in the solution to techical problems. A development which has enable maintenance, design and construction of machines to be carried out internally, even to the point of petenting a new method of hot cutting which noticeably cuts energy costs and resolves all the typical ecological problems connected with these plants. Quality is the apex of all Bifrangi production; only by optimising company organisation, sinergically integrated with the capacity to design, it is possible to meet international quality standards. The design phase both of dies and tooling is extremely important. Final quality controls are rigid and diversified;

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Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and their engines
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  • Europe
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PO Box 129, Sheffield, S9 1HR, United Kingdom
01709 857800
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The history of bifrangi dates back to the beginning of the 19th century in Mussolente, a town in the Venice